Sunday, October 10, 2021

Is Freemasonry a homosexual cult?


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According to what has been reported in the press, when the Grand Master of Freemasonry, Armando Corona, went before the Italian Parliamentary Commission investigating the Propaganda-2 Masonic lodge, the biggest nest of vipers ever uncovered in Italy, he was asked to reveal the significance of the giant letter "G" that hung on the wall in the back of the lodge's great ceremonial room. Grand Master Corona calmly responded that he did not know what the "G" might mean.

Masonry is a world in which secrecy is obligatory and mystery the most precious treasure. It is a powerful magnet that attracts the gullible by the thousands, drawing those who feel frustrated by their ,own intellectual poverty and who aspire to win for themselves the glamour of the man of power. They approach a lodge ready to submit' themselves to an incomprehensible hierarchy, to rituals that would make a tribe of baboons howl with laughter, and they subject themselves to this in order to be able to feel themselves protected by this species of secret conspiracy.

The initiate approaches fearfully but willingly the disconnected reasoning, the senseless phrases, the absurd revelations proffered by the Grand Master who promises him that one day he will "know," that step-by-steJr-if he but submit himself to the Master's wishes-the initiate will know that which the miserable, common mortals will never comprehend: the hidden secret of the universe, Gnosis! This is the absolute science which the Master will share only with the Brothers and with the Architect of the Universe.

The "G" that crowns Masonic temples stands for Gnosis, knowledge.

When the initiate has learned that secret, he will know all, and be able to look down on all other mortals. But he will have to be careful not to reveal the secrets that tie him to his sect. He must increasingly see himself as a puppet, who acts out a role in the real world as part of scenarios, written offstage by the few who possess Gnosis, which unfold as a great drama. He will have to help his "brothers" to gain those positions which may permit them to manipulate events in such a way as to realize the inscrutable designs of the Master. And since power is money, the recruits will be encouraged, within the limits of their capacity, to try every means-legal and illegal-to acquire more money.

But this is not the problem with which we intend to deal here. Much has already been written about this in newspapers in connection with the cases of Propaganda-2 and its "mother," the Monte Carlo Lodge.

What interests us here is the Masonic rite as such, the most "profound secret," possessed as an arCane science by a few insiders. This "secret" is a hermetic possession stolen from the real world which is destined never to know its meaning. Not even the poor initiate will know what he is dealing with. We, however, will reveal it. We will reveal the most profound mystery, that which the topmost hierarchy of Masonry will never make explicit, even to themselves. We will reveal it to those who follow us through to the end of our exposition.

It is a revolting, disgusting story, the story of how a restricted oligarchy of eunuchs has pretensions of ruling the world by means of homosexual castration rites. When the truth will have been finally disclosed, in place of the "G" of gnosis, it will be more appropriate to the "temples" to adopt the "E" of the eunuch!  (more...)

Is Freemasonry a homosexual cult?

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