Friday, October 15, 2021

The Octopus Lives: How Danny Casolaro’s “Suicide” Foreshadowed Our Current Dystopia


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On the morning of August 10, 1991, a freelance journalist by the name of Danny Casolaro was found dead—wrists slashed—in a Martinsburg, West Virginia, motel.

Although his death was ruled a suicide his demise has inspired JFK-style speculation and has attracted a devoted following of mainstream journalists, citizen-reporters and the requisite bevy of conspiracy mongers.

They are all united in a belief that in some form or fashion his poking/prodding into dark places—and friendships with some very shady characters—may have hastened his departure from this mortal coil.

A nosy and inquisitive man by predilection and passion, Casolaro had been investigating what he claimed was a scandal of Watergate proportions, one with tentacles wrapped around such sordid affairs as Iran-Contra, the “October Surprise” and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.

While many of these scandals have gathered cobwebs, a forensic examination of how they came about has resonance—and repercussions—for events currently transpiring. Casolaro believed he was close to identifying—beyond a reasonable doubt—the connective tissue that bound these scandals together (with hooks to the Reagan White House).  (more...)

The Octopus Lives: How Danny Casolaro’s “Suicide” Foreshadowed Our Current Dystopia


String of 'suicides' litters the trail of 'Octopus' grand conspiracy

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