Sunday, October 3, 2021

Drug and gambling czars tied to vote theft

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How Bronfman, mobsters fix United States' elections

U.S. Labor Party investigations into widespread fraud reported in the primary elections this year have uncovered a pattern of evidence that the vote fraud machines in major cities are controlled by figures closely associated with organized crime, drug running, gambling, and laundering of "dirty money" from those activities.

The results of our investigation are presented in several case studies, which show the shocking collusion of organized crime networks, closely associated with British financial interests and their Zionist allies, in robbing American voters of their franchise.

At the top of the operation, investigation points to the Canada-based Bronfman family of whiskey magnates whose influence and control over organized crime dates back to the Prohibition era when they supplied bootleg liquor to the notorious Purple Gang. From these beginnings, families associated with the Bronfmans, like the Jacobses in Buffalo and Max Fisher in Detroit, moved to expand their operations and political control in the U.S. The Jacobses have seized control, through a concessions franchise originally known as Emprise and now called SportServices, of race tracks, casinos, and other major sports operations around the country.

In 1971, after several years of scandals, Emprise was finally indicted by a Los Angeles grand jury for an illegal takeover of a Las Vegas gambling casino in 1966. Indicted along with Emprise were Anthony J. Zerilli of Detroit, son of Joseph Zerilli who has been identified by law enforcement experts as the head of a Detroit organized crime gang: Michael S. Polizzi of the Grosse Pointe Valley Die Cast Association and a "lieutenant" in the Detroit mob: Anthony Giordano of the St. Louis Banana Distributing Company: Jack Schapiro, owner of the Silver Slipper Casino in Las Vegas; and Arthur J. Rooks, a Detroit municipal court judge.   (more...)

Drug and gambling czars tied to vote theft

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