Friday, October 22, 2021

Pawns of The Black Nobility: Jesuit calls for a new Adolf Hitler

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"A new Hitler would be desirable, but Hitler made a psychological mistake to superimpose the German race over others. We know that the German race, the Anglo-Saxon peoples are the best. But Hitler's method was wrong. What we require now is a king for Europe, and that king must be the successor to Franz Josef for the Austro-Hungarian throne Otto von Hapsburg."

The speaker was Monsignor Arrigo Pintonello, honorary military Archbishop and representative of the dark side of Rome religious life. Pintonello was born in Venice, and traces his ancestry to the nobility of the Austro-Hungarian empire. He was trained for seven years at the Jesuits' command center in Rome, the Gregorian University. He is a leading ideologue of the Palermo, Sicily-based Thule Society, worshipers of Nordic race cults who are conspiring to impose a "New Fuhrer" over an economically and morally devastated Europe in the years to come.

Pintonello confided his plans for a' 'New Fuhrer" in what would appear, on the surface, to be the most unlikely of all places, the serene campus of the Collegio Selva Dei Pini outside Rome, a 400 student school that the Monsignor directs. But as is the case with much of what goes on in and around Rome, appearances are deceptive.

"This school is modeled on the Anglo-Saxon mode," the Monsignor had stated in his opening remarks. "It is like Eton, or Oxford, it combines study with sport. "

The Monsignor invited us to sit down in his ornate study, elaborately furnished with wood panels and tables and cushioned chairs. He expounded on how Europe would be restructured in this present moment of economic and social crisis.  (more...)

 Jesuit calls for a new Adolf Hitler

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  1. It's been obvious for ages that Western Civilisation is been destroyed, and there's intent to iradicate nation states,people wonder why,that talk at the end of the video explains why,it makes sense of what's been happening.History really does have a habit of repeating itself.