Friday, October 15, 2021

Biden Admin will Spy on US Citizens....Can They Succeed in Criminalizing Alternative Information, Dissent and Health Freedom? NO. Here's Why


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As reported by CNN, today, the Biden administration announced that they would use outside firms to track Americans deemed "extremists" online, enabling them to gather intelligence with methods that in the US may be illegal or unconstitutional.

The CNN report also noted that Telegram might be targeted for surveillance:

"But some of the research firms and non-profit groups under consideration by the DHS periodically use covert identities to access private social media groups like Telegram."

In light of these and other similar developments, Sayer Ji and Jason Crowe discuss the growing move by governments to criminalize free speech, and alternative voices, information, and health freedom advocates who are not in alignment with the official narrative.

Lately, there has been a widespread deplatforming of thousands of popular voices, including Dr. Mercola,, Kelly Brogan, MD, Christaine Northrup, MD, and many others. While certain organizations apply massive resources to shutting down debate, and spying on ostensibly private communications, an alternative universe of code has been developed in the blockchain space, with one project in particular -- Qortal -- standing out as a shining beacon of hope, integrity, and a means for empowering humanity with the tools needs to transition into a more awake, a more democratic, and more enlightened state.

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