Friday, October 8, 2021

The Themis Report: Anatomy of Infiltration in the Grassroots Health Freedom Movement


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THEMIS: The Greek goddess of divine or natural law, order, and justice

This report describes in detail the modus operandi of disruptive operatives and offers activists suggestions for safeguarding both their own organizations and the health freedom movement at large.

As conflicts over the vaccine mandates heat up, grassroots organizations have been cropping up all over the globe, including here in America. Scores of everyday heroes have begun to work at the ground level organizing meetings, rallies, and protests, as well as connecting with government officials and advocating for better legislation. This movement has workers from all walks of life—as a true grassroots movement should—with volunteer activists using different social media platforms to navigate censorship and communicate with their fellow-organizers.

These technologies have led to a rapid rise in communication and capacity to organize. At the same time, however, activists are faced with the challenges of holding on to the reins of virtualworld social- media technology where things can “go viral” in a matter of minutes. More ominously, activists are brought face to face with an unsavory real-world aspect of organizing people: the dangers of getting infiltrated by government agents or proxies for forces opposing the health freedom movement.

Health freedom organizers from New York to California have become aware that there are repeated attempts to infiltrate and hijack existing authentic grassroots movements to steer them into unproductive or even destructive channels (see Appendix 1). It is essential for all health freedom activists to realize that this is indeed a real part of the struggle in which they are involved and must be taken into account with an alert eye.

It is not an easy subject to address since a typical activist takes part in a group in the hopes that at least here, like an oasis in the desert, fellow members are reliable and have no ulterior agenda. Having sought out this oasis in their spare time, if it is discovered that the oasis is also compromised, despair or paranoia can become crippling.

Fortunately, it is possible to navigate these situations since there are clear patterns in the way these “hijackings” occur. Understanding infiltration tactics is not usually in the repertoire of the average grassroots organizer. Hence, this anatomy of a grassroots infiltration serves not only as a wake-up call, but also a guide for exposing widespread tactics, some requiring urgent attention.


The Themis Report: Anatomy of Infiltration in the Grassroots Health Freedom Movement

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