Saturday, October 9, 2021

The fraud of Trudeau's constitution


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On April 17th Queen Elizabeth II completes the repatriation of the instruments of British legal rule over Canada in a ceremony in Ottawa, the colonial capital. Repatriation of the formal instruments of British rule, known as the British North America Act, sets the stage for a total overhaul of Canadian government as has been proposed over the last years by Pierre Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister.

The repatriation proceedings have been accompanied with much ballyhoo in the Canadian media, lauding to the skies the completion of the process of independence from mother Britain, along with paens to the coming of age of Canada as a free nation at last.

Such proceedings are, in fact, a cruel swindle and fraud. Canada is actually being subjected to the same process of destabilizing decolonization, so-called, as has been inflicted on other members of the former British empire in the post-war period. The objective of the festivities in Ottawa the weekend of April 17, are, in actuality, an effort to strengthen the political control of the monarchy as an institution in North America, by rule through such institutions as the office of the Governor General and the Privy Council, as a prelude to further assaults on republican institutions and principles south of the border.

Americans cannot fail to notice that the Queen's presence on these shores, not coincidentally, takes place as the apparently liberal British Commonwealth drops its carefully made up human face to reveal the full savagery of the policies that have for so long been denounced by this journal, by dispatching the British fleet against the Malvinas Islands. Newly "independent" Canada has, of course, given full support to the gun-boat diplomacy of the British monarch, in withdrawing its ambassador to Argentina, and severing trade relations. Newly "independent Canada" has therefore joined with the British ruling house in undeclared war against the repUblican institutions of the Western Hemisphere.   (more...)

The fraud of Trudeau's constitution

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