Monday, October 25, 2021

Poland Threw Down The Gauntlet To The EU


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The Polish Prime Minister threw down the gauntlet to the EU in the open letter that he published to the bloc's leaders on Monday. It came shortly after his country's Constitutional Tribunal ruled that EU law cannot be promulgated at the expense of national law. This in turn prompted groundless fearmongering that the Central & Eastern European (CEE) leader of the promising “Three Seas Initiative” (3SI) intends to pull a so-called “Polexit”, which its ruling conservative-nationalist Law & Justice (PiS according to its Polish acronym) denies.

In his letter, Mateusz Morawiecki carefully explained that while Poland still respects the importance of EU law, it cannot be imposed on Member States in contravention of their domestic law. Should that happen, then the bloc risks creating a dangerous precedent that would lead to the erasure of state sovereignty and the accelerated creation of a centrally managed entity divorced from the democratic control of the same people that it purports to represent.

A day later on Tuesday, he accused the bloc of blackmail while arguing with its representatives at the European Parliament. Poland believes that the EU's threat to withhold billions of euros' worth of COVID-19 aid pending the country's political capitulation to Brussels' judicial demands is illegal and threatens to divide the bloc even more than it already is. This suggests that the EU has already gone so far with its anti-democratic and illegal centralizing tendencies that Poland has no choice but to make a final stand for the sake of its sovereignty.

The EU is reacting hysterically to Poland's principled position. EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders told Axios that same day that this is the EU's January 6th moment. Considering the mainstream narrative about that contentious event, this implies that Poland is behaving in a “seditious” and perhaps even “terroristic” manner. Such innuendo suggests that a political compromise is impossible between the disputing sides. It also hints that the EU is preparing to severely punish Poland in order to make an example out of it and deter others.

The impending political battle will be very dirty.  (more...)

Poland Threw Down The Gauntlet To The EU

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