Sunday, December 5, 2021

Dope, Inc. targets Indian lands for casino gambling


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An ongoing EIR investigation has uncovered a global operation by the drug and dirty money cartel, "Dope, Inc.," and related intelligence agencies, to exploit the "sovereignty " of Indian tribal lands, and use them as a base for money-laundering, drug and weapons trafficking, and other covert operations, free of control by any government.

This came to light after after a group of residents of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North and South Dakota filed suit in Tribal Court to block construction of gambling casinos on the reservation. What looked, on the surface, like a scheme by a local attorney to win a casino contract from the tribe, was soon exposed as an elaborate maneuver by a Swiss-based conglomerate managed by a casino boss from South Africa, all with Zionist criminal connections (as we shall show elsewhere in this Feature).

EIR's best-selling book Dope, Inc., first published in 1978 and now in its third edition, proved that gambling casinos, with huge daily cash turnover, provide the ideal means for large-scale laundering of profits from drug trafficking, pornography, prostitution, and other rackets. Court testimony in the Iran-Contra scandal also showed the close connection between drugs and covert operations like weapons trafficking, all of which requires money-laundering capabilities.

Further investigation has shown that the organized crime takeover of Indian reservations in the United States is already well advanced, and that this takeover is part of a larger scheme to force legalized casino gambling throuah state legislatures everywhere.  (more...)

Dope, Inc. targets Indian lands for casino gambling


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