Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Dick Cheney Has a French Connection — To Fascism

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EIR's ongoing investigation into the "Straussian cabal" in and around the Bush Administration, which is behind the ongoing "American Empire" drive, has unearthed a major scandal, linking some of the leading players in the current drama to a notorious network of World War II and postwar outright Nazi collaborators. The central figure in the investigation is the life-long collaborator of neo-conservative "godfather" Leo Strauss—the Paris-based Russian emigré, Alexandre Kojève.

Strauss and Kojève first met in Germany in 1928, and throughout Strauss's subsequent career in the United States—at the New School for Social Research, the University of Chicago, and St. John's College—Strauss funneled his leading disciples to Paris, to study under Kojève. Thus, for example, Strauss's top protégé and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz' teacher, the late Allan Bloom, made annual pilgrimages to Paris, from 1953 up until Kojève's death in 1968, to immerse himself in Kojève's Nietzschean fascist beliefs.

Although he taught for six years at the Sorbonne's École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) on the German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel, Kojève's post-World War II nest was the French Economics Ministry, where he was an architect of the European Community. His informal seminars at his ministry office, however, were the finishing school for several generations of avowed American and European "Straussians," including Francis Fukuyama, the author of The End of History and the New Man, a Kojèvian diatribe, promoting Napoleon Bonaparte as the hero of modern history for having brought about the advent of a global one-world tyranny.

EIR's investigation has established that Kojève was not only an ideologue of universal fascism, but he was also a leading figure in the most powerful fascist circles of 20th-Century France, the Synarchists. Both French and American wartime and postwar military intelligence services probed the role of the Synarchists in France's Vichy government, and branded the underground secret movement as amply willing Nazi collaborationists. Indeed, the Movement for Synarchist Empire (MSE), founded in France in the early 1930s, was part of a Europe-wide apparatus of businessmen, bankers, and government officials, who were dedicated to a unified fascist Europe, and who chose to support Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party as their instrument.  (more...)

Dick Cheney Has a French Connection — To Fascism


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