Thursday, December 16, 2021

London’s policy of ‘Africanization’: The next target is Brazil


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The British Empire is on an offensive across the continent of Ibero-America of a scope unseen in 100 years, whose objective is to “Africanize” the southern half of the Western Hemisphere. Should it succeed, this assault would have consequences as catastrophic for the United States, as for the targetted nations themselves.

The British attack is under way on every front: They are seizing control of Ibero-America’s banks; they are invading its mines; they are redrawing national boundaries; they have spawned irrationalist religious sects of every imaginable stripe; and they have launched Jacobin hordes of narco-terrorists to destroy all aspects of national institutional life in the region. In short, the British are embarked on a policy of annihilating the very existence of the nation-state and the culture which sustains it, and of massively depopulating the region.

This is precisely what the House of Windsor has already done to the Great Lakes region of Africa, and beyond.

In all essentials, London’s policy is being executed in Ibero-America by the same cast of characters as in Africa, as we document here: It is the same mining companies, the same banks, the same British lords and ladies, the same private security companies, the same Pentecostalist and charismatic sects, and the same international terrorist networks steeped in the nihilism of Martin Heidegger, Jean Paul Sartre, and Frantz Fanon. The British policy will predictably have the same genocidal consequences in Ibero-America that it is having in Africa, only in this case, it will be on the U.S.’ very doorstep, and with the added, deadly feature that Ibero-America is the world’s premier drug-producing region, a crime against humanity which is also under London’s control.

The particular, immediate target of attack—and the one whose planned disintegration will have the gravest strategic consequences—is the nation of Brazil.  (more...)

London’s policy of ‘Africanization’: The next target is Brazil


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