Sunday, December 19, 2021

Poland: the only Ally to lose World War II


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Poland has been much in the news recently as the impoverishment caused by combined looting of the Eastern European nations by the Soviet war mobilization, perestroika, and usurious Western financial centers have caused explosions of revolt in these captive nations approaching 1956 levels. Will the fraud of Gorbachov's glasnost now collapse as Soviet tanks again move in to crush the revolt? One certainly sees in Poland a spirit of freedom which has never been crushed by Russia over centuries of oppression or by the combined genocidal assaults of Hitler and Stalin during World War II.

Richard C. Lukas, in Forgotten Holocaust. amply proves his thesis that the Nazi holocaust in Poland in 1939 was aimed not only at the Jewish population, as much of current historiography would have one believe, but also at the nation of Poland as a whole. He also exposes as fraudulent the accusations against the Polish exile government in London and the underground Home Army. of complicity in anti-Semitism. The Polish government, in fact, often acted alone against the murder of Polish Jews, while the United States and Britain did nothing.

What makes the book more useful in the current world crisis. however, is its documentation of the Soviet role in the "forgotten holocaust. " The September 1939 Nazi invasion of Poland, followed two weeks later by the Soviet invasion from the East, crushed the Polish h1oY. divided Poland along the Hitler-Stalin Pact Curzon LiI1e. and began a partnership to destroy the nation of Poland forever and exterminate its national leadership and culture. The author documents in part, but does not draw the conclusions, that this partnership to murder Poland was a fundamental shared interest of Russia and Nazi Germany which continued even after the German invasion of Russia in June 1941. This is not surprising. considering the common roots of the Nazi and Bolshevik movements, put into power to destroy Western Judeo-Christian civilization by barbaric Russian and Western oligarchies.

Poland had been, from the late 14th century through the Renaissance and after, a bastion in defense of West ern Judeo-Christian culture against the barbarism from the East. As one of the most culturally advanced nations in the world, Poland had acted as an important arm of Cardinal Nicolaus of Cusa's grand design for Christianizing the East through the Council of Florence. The shared hatred for Poland by the Nazis and Bolsheviks was expressed in the satanic rage against Christianity and the Renaissance b)"the 19th-century idols of these totalitarian movements, Friedrich Nietzsche and Fyodor Dostoevsky. It was not just the geographical existence of Poland which stood in the way of Hitler and Stalin, but the cultural existence of Poland which had to be razed to the ground, if either a Third Reich or a Muscovite "Third Rome" were to rule the world.  (more...)

Poland: the only Ally to lose World War II

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