Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Jones cult and the Mau Mau model


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Law enforcement officers and private public interest groups investigating the terrorist potentialities of the mass suicide in Guyana must make themselves familiar with the essential features of the two-sided Mau Mau operation of British intelligence services in Africa. The orchestrated gang and countergang deployment of the main Jones group and the so-called "defectors" group conforms in every essential detail of pedigrees and deployments to the gang-countergang operation which the British ran in the Kenyan Mau Mau operation.

The writings of Brigadier Frank Kitson of British intelligence provide the law enforcement officer with all but one crucial fact one needs to know to cope with the dangers posed by the so-called "Jones defectors" group. Kitson merely omits to mention that the original Mau Mau group was created by British intelligence; the rest of the tale as given by Kitson is close to the truth on essentials.

We outline the basic features of the British Mau Mau operation first. Then. we indicate the crucial points of agreement defined by superimposing the Jones follower-defector deployment pattern on the Mau Mau model.

The Mau Mau operation

The basic elements of the British intelligence services' Mau Mau gang-countergang operation in Kenya are as follows:

1. Creation of the gang: The original Mau Mau cult, under the titular leadership of London-trained "radical" Kenyan nationalist Jomo Kenyatta, was created by the British intelligence service as an Anglican Jesuit operation coordinated by the British Psychological Warfare Division at the Tavistock Institute (Sussex University).  (more...)

The Jones cult and the Mau Mau model


To Understand the Crisis in Kenya, Know the British Empire

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