Thursday, December 3, 2020

Canadians Will Not Be Muzzled

Our fundamental rights and freedoms are under attack and must be defended. It’s not enough to be found not guilty of violating these unlawful measures, I am determined to have these unlawful #COVID19 laws struck down, never to be implemented again. They will not hold up in court, and we are going to prove it. has started a legal defence fund to help fight these authoritarian lockdowns in court. I’m thankful for everyone who has helped me fight in the court of public opinion, but now I need your help to fight in the court of law. Please consider making a donation at to help put an end to these intrusive and unconstitutional lockdown measures.

Together we will assemble a top notch legal team to beat the government in court, restore our businesses, bring our families back together, and return Ontario and the country back to normal.

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