Friday, December 18, 2020

The Devil and His Due is Available Now


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It might sound implausible—even preposterous—but the world’s foremost public intellectual is a Nazi and an occultist.

The Devil and His Due chronicles how an obscure professor obsessed with the subject of evil rebranded himself as a pop-psych guru and shot to stardom by combatting “Marxist” compelled-speech laws that never existed. It illustrates how Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, father figure to a legion of male followers, is a cult leader who identifies as “the saviour,” feigns Christian beliefs, glorifies Satan, networks with white supremacists, praises serial killers, discusses “the Jewish question,” touts banned substances as “miracle cures,” encourages converts to slaughter goats in backyard sacrifices that ought to be “sufficiently bloody,” and teaches that the alt-right project is “incomplete.”

Peterson has spent 35 years pretending to warn against fascism while gushing about Hitler’s boundless talents and channelling his speech. Undeniably, the lecturer’s 12 Rules for Life and Maps of Meaning have been systematically plagiarized from volumes like Mein Kampf and Hitler’s Second Book. Troy Parfitt has documented over 4,000 examples of Jordan Peterson copying from Adolf Hitler and others, especially Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Jung, and the necromancer Aleister Crowley, who believed the Führer to be “a prophet” and lobbied to have his satanic religion made the official faith of the Third Reich.

Parfitt exposes Peterson’s hidden identity, academic theft, and latent belief system. He decodes his crypto-fascist messages and tells the mesmerizing, bizarre, and entirely true story of an elaborate prank—a ghastly joke born out of vengeance and psychosis, and perpetrated on millions of unsuspecting people.

The Devil and His Due is a public warning.

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