Wednesday, December 9, 2020

When Officers Start Speaking Out, It's Time To Listen Canada

Hear from (Ret) O.P.P. Officer Vincent Gircys tonight on what it say's to the public, when those who are sworn to "protect and serve" are being called out by their own ranks for their participation within this Canadian Crisis? Is it time to demand our officials to give the #StandDown orders?

This is some of what we will dive into with (Ret) O.P.P. Officer Vincent Girscys. After first being noticed and going viral for speaking up at Adamson BBQ, he has been getting a lot of notice. 

Why, because he is daring to speak the things we all wish we would be hearing, the things we should be hearing from enforcement officers Canada wide. 

Join us for a chat tonight at 8pm Eastern and we will discuss his thoughts, reactions, views and expectations moving forward. If we are lucky we can get a few of the finer points of advice from him on how to proceed as civilians in coming days of turmoil.

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