Friday, December 4, 2020

Fight The Fines Canada


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Ordinary Canadians are receiving unreasonable fines for going about their lives during the pandemic. So, we've hired a lawyer to fight back against these unjust fines!

Every single day we’re hearing stories of law-abiding citizens — families, really — who are being ticketed and fined by overzealous police and bylaw officers for simply doing what the prime minister is doing.

We're not talking about the rambunctious house parties that fly in the face of social distancing and make a mockery of us all.

No — we're talking about people who are being fined for going out for a walk. And we’re sick and tired of this double standard. So, we're going to fight back in court.

We are crowdfunding lawyers for Canadians who want to fight their outrageous tickets.

We already have over twelve cases, but we are hiring a team of lawyers to defend every single Canadian who gets a lockdown ticket (or at least the first 1,000).

And we're going to fight them all. We even won a few cases already!  (more...)

Fight The Fines Canada

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