Saturday, December 5, 2020

Collaborationist Priest: Ivan Hrinioch


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Ivan Hrinioch (Born Dec 28, 19071; also known as Hryniokh, Johann Hrijnioch), a Uniate Catholic priest, was the chaplain for the collaborationist Nachtigall battalion, and in 1946 became a US intelligence asset with 'full operational approval since 1953.' His CIA cryptonymes included CAPARISON, CARTEL, AECASSOWARY, CASSOWARY and QRDYNAMIC.

He was associated with the SSU projects BELLADONNA and LYNX, renamed to TRIDENT, and then in project AERODYNAMIC (formerly CARTEL, ANDROGEN, AECARTHAGE), later renamed to QRDYNAMIC/QRPLUMB.

Hrinioch was President of the Foreign Representation of the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council (ZP/UHVR) from at least July 19443 until at least 1973.  (more...)

Collaborationist Priest: Ivan Hrinioch


Nachtigall Battalion

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