Sunday, December 6, 2020

Investigators should 'follow the money' to solve Sherman murders


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Believing the motive behind the 2018 double murder of billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman was rooted in “money,” friend and business associate Jack Kay is hopeful police will soon have an answer to this mystery.

“Hopefully in 2021 we will,” the former Apotex CEO and vice chair said.

On Dec. 15, it will be three years since the philanthropic couple was found strangled in their home on Old Colony Rd. — near Bayview Ave. and Hwy. 401.

The “targeted” murders of one of Canada’s richest couples sent shock waves around the world. Four adult children also lost their mom and dad who were 70 and 75.

“You could think that three years later we would have had somebody charged for the crime, but the police are still working on it,” said Kay.

Toronto Police have not said they have suspects, but they do have “persons of interest.”  (more...)

Investigators should 'follow the money' to solve Sherman murders

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