Sunday, December 27, 2020

Recommendation 666: The Rise of the Beast from the Sea


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Bible prophecy gives us signs of the end times. Just like road signs, they come closer together as we near the end. According to the Bible, in the last days--in a time when Israel has been restored as a nation--a 10-nation confederacy will appear on the European continent. It will be a revival of the Roman Empire. From this confederacy, one man will rise to power. He will make a seven-year agreement with Israel that he will break in three and a half years. This man is known as the Antichrist and, in some way, he will be identified with the number 666. 

Are You Sitting Down?

What if I said that an important warning sign about the rise of the Antichrist began occurring in 1992, but it has been completely overlooked? And what if I told you that the 10 kings of Daniel and Revelation may have already been on scene since 1995, but no one has noticed? Not only that, but a powerful new office has been created that could soon belong to the Antichrist. And, it happened with Assembly Recommendation 666. Hang on, because that's exactly what I'm going to tell you.


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