Monday, December 7, 2020

Staging For a New Messiah

 Special Guest Constance Cumbey joins me to discuss: her background, the new age movement, Benjamin Creme, Kathleen Keating, Art Bell, economic collapse, is Trump the real deal?, Jerusalem home of the Antichrist, social justice movement, FreeMasonry, Environmentalism and MUCH more!

New Age anti-Christ occult messiah One World Religion environmentalism freemasonry

New Age anti-Christ occult messiah One World Religion environmentalism
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Since my first book ... was published in 1983, my life has been anything but 'normal.' I probably have 35 feet of unopened mail gracing my office... I will forever be grateful to the unknown benefactor who sent me a voluminous packet on the Club of Rome, Planetary Citizens, and other New Age groups... Then there was a painful matter of the public criticism. I received it from two sources: from the ranks of the New Agers and from some within the Christian community. The first I anticipated. The second I also should have expected, but that did not ease its sting... I also faced the disillusionment of hearing people I formerly admired tell outright falsehoods. Two who are widely respected in the field of cults made frequent statements on their radio programs that they invited me on their programs and I refused the invitations. They had never done so... Seeing (the New Age Movement's) prophetic and historic implications in context makes me realize that we are fortunate to live in a time that all the Old Testament prophets would have loved to see... This sequel to 'The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow' are about about those signs and 'Hidden Dangers' to which we must remain alert.

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