Tuesday, May 8, 2018

York Region parent hoping to join the school board she battled over racial discrimination

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Two years ago, Charline Grant took the York Region school board to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal after she was hit with a racial slur. Now she is running for a chance to sit on the board herself.

Grant formally announced her intention to run for school board trustee last week, making the announcement on Twitter, saying it was time to take on this “worthy cause.”

The municipal election takes place Oct. 22.

Grant said she has been thinking of an election run for “some time now,” to ensure the positive change that has already started at the province’s third largest school board, which had faced numerous controversies over the past two years, will be seen through to the end.

“I realized I need to be there,” said Grant. “I had heard that a lot of the same faces were in the running, and that was concerning to me. The same faces would mean the same conversations, and the same thought processes.”  (more...)


While public discourse has been preoccupied with "identities" that are, in reality, choices, the original and most pressing struggle for human rights has languished. One can surmise that the salon Marxists who gave us gender ideology planned it that way. The "master race" has mastered the arts of diversion and deception and lured us into a hall of mirrors. Cultural Marxism is a close cousin to Naziism. I.G. Farben and the Institute for Social Research both reside in Frankfurt.

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