Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Latest From Santa Marta: There Is an American Conspiracy Against the Agreement Between Rome and Beijing

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Settimo Cielo reported on May 7 on the intensification of the anti-Catholic repression in Henan, the populous province halfway between Beijing and Shanghai, traditionally considered the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Just over a week later, however, the website Vatican Insider, known for its connections to Pope Francis, published under the byline of Gianni Valente a refutation of the fear that the Catholic Church is in the crosshairs of the Chinese authorities and that from the province of Henan the anti-Catholic repression could extend to all of China...

In Valente’s judgment, in fact, the main intention of the Chinese authorities is to stop the proliferation in that province of the “domestic churches” of Protestants and apocalyptic sects, supported by the religious right in the United States for the sake of overthrowing the Chinese regime.

So the repression that is also hitting Catholic communities in Henan would be only a side effect of this overall and justified crackdown.

When instead - Valente concludes in his argumentation - the Catholic Church would be a firm embankment against these engulfing subversive sects. And an agreement between the Vatican and Beijing would turn out to be entirely to the advantage of the interests of the Chinese regime as well.  (more...)


The contradictions of Amchurch are illuminated in stark relief in China.

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