Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sudbury teacher needs help, ex-student says

abuse boys crime education homosexuality misconduct pedophilia pornography

A former student testified Wednesday that a Sudbury teacher facing sex charges "needs help" and shouldn't be allowed to teach again.

The student, who is now 19, described how Damir Bulic allegedly plied him with gifts and alcohol when he was a boy and how he performed a number of sexual acts in front of him.

The man said he would be a different person today if he had never met Bulic.

"I was 12 years old," he said. "I was getting food, money, clothes, gifts, getting pulled out of class," he said. "I don't believe I would be smoking. I think I would be a different person growing up with my parents and everything ... To go through that is just wrong. For someone in society to do that, especially a teacher, is unbelievable ...

"When I was younger, everyone at school thought he was a cool teacher. I was getting alcohol all the time. At that point, at 12 years old, getting a $1,000, a laptop ... But now, I feel like I wouldn't be the guy I am now. I would be a lot different."

The man also said he believes Bulic should no longer teach.

"Mr. Bulic never abused me or tried to touch me, but I think he needs help. I don't want him to do that to anyone else as a child ... I don't think Mr. Bulic should be allowed in a classroom. I never want to see my kid in a classroom with a teacher like that. I think he needs help. It wasn't right what he was doing and he should be punished."  (more...)


abuse boys crime education homosexuality misconduct pedophilia pornography

And where, in Ontario, is he likely to get help? Good question:

Not that Faith couldn't use a little help herself but, hey, she's a product of Ontario's edu-pedo-ring.

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