Saturday, May 26, 2018

Alt-right in Montreal: Efforts to unmask key neo-Nazis make waves

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Anti-fascist protestors march toward the home of neo-Nazi Zeiger in the
Rosemont borough of Montreal
It’s been a tumultuous month for the alt-right in Montreal.

In early May the Montreal Gazette exposed one of the most prominent neo-Nazi figures in North America.

“Zeiger” was known as the No. 2 writer on the Daily Stormer — said to be the world’s largest neo-Nazi website — and an influential figure in neo-Nazi recruiting circles.

He was considered a thought leader in North America’s neo-Nazi movement, having helped to develop recruitment strategies that focused on internet culture, as well as claiming responsibility for the resurgence of Siege — a 1980s manifesto that called for the neo-Nazi movement to adopt individual acts of terrorism as political strategy. Siege, which Zeiger digitized, was the main inspiration for the American neo-Nazi terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division.

This information was given to the Montreal Gazette by a group of anti-fascists, who had scoured through 12,000 messages on a closed forum and connected Zeiger to a Rosemont—La-Petite-Patrie man named Gabriel Sohier Chaput. (A home address that Zeiger provided during a discussion on the closed forum matched the address where Sohier Chaput lived).

The news spread across the city like wildfire.  (more...)

Driven from his closet

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