Sunday, May 27, 2018

Why Canada’s white supremacists want Doug Ford to win

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That giddy white supremacist, who used the alias League of the North, was unmasked earlier this month in a Vice investigation as Thomas White of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The Liberals put out a press release noting that Ford had been endorsed by the podcast Nazis. The PC party quickly disavowed their support, and the media largely ignored the story.

But it’s part of a troubling trend. Far-right figures and groups, from the explicitly white supremacist to the more crypto-fascist, have not been shy in proclaiming their support for “Ford Nation” and their belief that Doug Ford could create an opening for white supremacist activity similar to the effect of Donald Trump in the United States.

The Proud Boys love Ford too. They’re a group of alt-right fellow travelers whose founder Gavin McInnes was in the news this week for calling women he disagreed with “colostomy bag[s] for various strangers' semen.” On Facebook and Twitter they’ve been stumping for Ford, posting memes dubbing him a “PROUDBOY” and urging their supporters to go to Ford campaign rallies and “show your support for Doug Ford as premiere [sic] of Ontario.”

White supremacist and former Rebel Media host Faith Goldy is a fan, as is her ex-boss Ezra Levant. Meanwhile, in the darker corners of Reddit and other internet forums, the alt-right and their fellow travellers are busily churning out memes to help Ford win the culture war.  (more...)

This is a tactic successfully employed in the social conservative movement. The movement has veered off course from the vision of its founders and has become the playground of alt-right infiltrators. The stage seems to be set for the final capture of conservative politics in Ontario.

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