Sunday, May 27, 2018

Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing exposed

Bob Fitzpatrick, author of False Profits, speaks with Steve Hassan, cult expert, and Doug M. Brooks Esq. who has litigated some MLM groups. Check out Bob's site,, and learn the 7 warning signs of a pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing group. Also, read Bob's article, "Main Street Bubble" and get screaming mad!


Bart Stewart
3 weeks ago
From about 14:00 through 20:30 we hear about the outrageous appointment of lawyers for Multi-Level Marketing scammers to the leadership of the Federal Trade Commission by President George W. Bush. Well, the beat goes on. The Secretary of Education under Trump is none other than Betsy DeVos. The DeVos family, of course, founded Amway.


cults business politics regulation MLM Amway corruption

cults business politics regulation MLM Amway corruption

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