Wednesday, May 30, 2018

School, city condemn neo-Nazi posters plastered in St. Clair West area park

nazi fascism anti-semitism xenophobia crime hate racism white supremacy

School and city officials are condemning whoever plastered neo-Nazi posters throughout a park in the St. Clair West area.

The posters, which feature swastikas and phrases like "the Nazi youth are here," were found near a playground on Monday in Wells Hill Park, near St. Clair Avenue West and Bathurst Street — an area where many Jewish families live.

On Tuesday, the principal of one nearby school wrote to parents to warn them.

"Early this morning we became aware about offensive anti-Semitic and racist material appearing in the community and near our school," Hillcrest Community School principal Anthony Levy said in an email.

"This kind of disturbing activity is simply not acceptable."  (more...)

More coverage:

This location is quite familiar to me -- a short walk from the Catholic church I attend, an ice cream parlor my wife and I frequent during the summer months, a supermarket I shop at weekly, Basilian-run St. Michael's Catholic High School,  and the studio of Rebel Media (who launched the careers of several online alt-right personalities). One hopes there is no connection between Rebel and these expressions of hate.

nazi fascism anti-semitism xenophobia crime hate racism white supremacy

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