Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Canadian anti-hate network looks to co-ordinate efforts against far-right extremism

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It’s the same old-fashioned racism wrapped in modern bits and bytes.

Like pollutants in a river, overt racism has surfaced again in Canada. It is based on a fear of being overtaken by “the other” but is disguised as a “preference” for the white race in the interest of the “preservation” of Canadian identity. It sets its sights mainly on Muslims and non-white people as well as on Jews, feminists, LGBTQ2 groups.

Public Safety Canada’s annual report on terrorist threats to Canada listed for the first time this year right-wing extremism as “a growing concern.”

Individuals who hold extreme right-wing views are predominantly active online, it said, thriving on a “culture of fear, hatred and mistrust by exploiting real or imagined concerns.”

In the non-virtual world, right-wing extremism manifests in “free speech” rallies, hate crimes and other forms of violence.

The activities of these white supremacists — as evinced in the gathering outside Ryerson’s University’s White Privilege conference last week — often fly below the radar of mainstream media that are ill equipped to monitor and report on such obscure ideologies.  (more...)


Really sad stuff:

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