Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tears of the Bolsheviks: TDSB director commits to anti-racism training at Black Lives Matter walkout

The director of the Toronto District School Board committed to making anti-racism training mandatory for staff during a “Freedom Day” school walkout event Monday organized by Black Lives Matter Toronto.

The all-day event, held at the York Woods Library theatre near Jane St. and Finch Ave. W., was intended to see teachers and students from across the GTA skip a day of school in protest of what organizers said is anti-Black racism in the education system.

Along with workshops and talks, the event also saw an impromptu appearance by TDSB Director of Education John Malloy, accompanied by Executive Superintendent Jim Spyropoulos and several TDSB trustees, who took questions for about 20 minutes from concerned, and at times angry, parents and community members.

“Obviously, we’re here because things aren’t always working… We know that there are problems with some of our processes and we know that we have issues of racism and we know that we have anti-Black racism that goes on,” Malloy said.  (more...)

Pertinent facts that The Star omits from its story: 1) Black Lives Matter is led by gender ideologues, as illustrated by their collusion with Toronto`s Pride Parade.. 2) The TDSB apparatus is comprised of OISE-indoctrinated Cultural Marxsists. Does anyone else see the potential for back-channel manipulation of black students? Does anyone else suspect a modified-limited-hangout exercise that conceals a broader eugenic agenda targeting more than black students? Is there no history of discrimination against Catholics, Jews, Slavs, Hispanics, Orientals, and indigenous peoples in Canada? And why, after all these years, is the diagnosis still so diffuse? Why can`the symptoms be named, and not the cause? Will appeasing a handful of blacks end the dialectical schemes of the political class? Will a press owned and controlled by oligarchic elites ever speak the truth? We are witnessing the appropriation and neutralization of the cause of civil rights; a well-practiced and honed game. Our freedom cannot be negotiated. It must be won.

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