Friday, May 19, 2017

Teacher McLaren gets two years for sex offences with students

BELLEVILLE - The mother of one of the eight boys preyed on by a disgraced former Tweed Elementary teacher, Jaclyn McLaren, told a Belleville court she’s sickened by the predatory acts of the 36-year-old, who, a sexual offenders report indicates, has yet to grasp the impact of her relations with vulnerable students.

“Not once did it cross my mind that I would be delivering my son to a predator,” the mother, who can’t be named in order to protect the identity of her now 17-year-old son, told a filled court gallery, including McLaren’s parents and several relatives of the other victims during Friday’s sentencing. “I’m completely disgusted. It sickens me.”

Upon hearing her sentence of two years, McLaren, donning black pants and jacket, took a final sip from a water bottle, before passing it to her family in the gallery. She removed a zip lock bag carrying an assortment of medication and other items from her bag, then her bracelets and earrings, before being handcuffed.

“Love you Jaclyn,” a relative uttered.

“Bye,” McLaren replied. “Love you too.”

The mother seemed to grapple with the two-year penitentiary term meted out to McLaren, which she deemed somewhat a double standard, as in her eyes a male teacher would likely be dealt with more severely. McLaren will be on probation for two years upon release.

“If this was a male teacher, what would the outcome have been?” she asked.  (more...)

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