Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ex-teacher pleads guilty to 16 charges for secret videos shot in staff change room at Ontario school

LONDON, Ont. — Why Jamie Gardiner risked his secure teaching job at a nice London school to make secret videos of naked women co-workers in a change room doesn’t make any sense.

But there they were, on his phone, on his computer thumb drive and on two hard drives at his house — videos of women with whom he worked, with their clothing removed. They were found by police after one of his colleagues spotted his red backpack in the staff change room at Ashley Oaks public school.

The backpack had a thumb-sized hole cut in it for the camera lens and was strategically placed on the floor — pointed at the lower mid-sections of the women, capturing their private parts as they changed.

The 39-year-old special education teacher, fired by the Thames Valley district school board not long after he was charged two years ago, had collected the footage since 2011 before he was caught in March 2015.

One of his victims was 16 years old.  (more...)

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