Monday, May 15, 2017

‘He loves flowers’: The insane true story of the day Canada’s prime minister met Hitler

King, surrounded by Nazi hosts, sits in the stands of Berlin's Olympic Stadium
during the All-Germans Sports Competition
Prime Minister Mackenzie King kept seeing lions.

While on the train from Paris to Berlin in 1937, he saw a lion-shaped cloud facing towards Germany. During a visit to the Berlin Zoo, a zookeeper allowed him to pat a lion cub on the head. While reading the bible aloud, he kept stumbling onto passages that mentioned lions.

“The lion has appeared over and over again,” he wrote in his diary.

For the 62-year-old King, it was as clear a sign as any that his visit with Adolf Hitler was to be the pinnacle of a divine mission to bring peace to an unsettled Europe.

The awkward Canadian leader had long believed that he had been elevated to the prime minister’s office for a higher purpose. And as a holy feeling seemed to enshroud King as he entered the Third Reich, he determined that this meeting with the Fuhrer was it; the pinnacle of his spiritual journey — “the day for which I was born.”  (more...)


I knew many New Agers at my alma mater who would have fallen for Hitler. Some did and still do.

Mesmerizing the New Age voter

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