Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Disgraced Senator Don Meredith should be expelled, and swiftly

In the modern world, an allegation of sexual harassment has morphed into a broad charge, in that it is sometimes levelled in what surely appears to cynical old eyes to have been ill-advised but consensual relationships among relative equals.

This was not the case with the “Hon. Rev. Dr. Don Meredith-Senator Ontario,” as he once modestly signed a reference letter, and the young woman known only as Ms. M.

When they met at a Black History Month event at an Ottawa church in February of 2013, he was 48, three times her age.

He was a senator well-ensconsed (it doesn’t take long to acquire the to-the-manor-born attitude), having been appointed in 2010; the founder and volunteer executive director of the Greater Toronto Faith Alliance Learning Centre (a non-profit supporting at-risk youth and newcomers); a former Pentecostal pastor; and a bit of a wheel in Toronto’s diverse black community.

Ms. M. was 16, a university student living in Ottawa and, but for a brother, pretty much on her own — her parents lived in an unidentified foreign country.

She was the very definition of at-risk youth, and Meredith appears to have had her number in a New York minute.  (more...)

Tory pedophile? Not unthinkable.
So... what was John Baird`s hasty exit all about?

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