Thursday, May 4, 2017

Doze lyin`Filipino gurlz! Ontario teacher guilty of misconduct admits she put legs behind her head, denies sex talk

After being found guilty of misconduct for putting her legs behind her head in front of her students, Leanora Brown stands in a coffee shop the next day and lifts up her floral skirt.

“It was a yoga exercise,” Brown says, revealing to a reporter that she had aqua yoga tights under her skirt, just like the day she proved how flexible she is to her students. “You stretch until you’re aligned. That’s what I showed them. I’m not ashamed.”

Brown, a fit 65-year-old, was recorded by a student when she laid down on the floor and swung her legs upward until they were behind her head. The video, along with the statements of more than 10 students and one educational assistant were the primary evidence used against her during an Ontario College of Teachers tribunal hearing on Tuesday. Some said her actions made them feel embarrassed.

“Why would the children be embarrassed,” Brown asks, noting she performed the exercise during lunch hour. “They have sex in the hallway and they smoke.”

Two students, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, testified that Brown made them feel uncomfortable by not only demonstrating her flexibility, but frequently speaking about her sex life.

In February 2015, Brown, a Toronto Catholic District School Board teacher, was accused of going on several sexually-laced rants, including telling students in her religion classes about how her “horny” mother “should have “f–ked a white sailor.” The students also said she told them a story about a man who confronted her in the nude. “That’s all you got? My brother’s is bigger,” Brown said, according to her students.  (more...)


Yer kids r safe n r hands. Yes, dey r!
First, we had a celebrity Catholic mayor. Now, we have a celebrity Catholic teacher. This town is so blessed!

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