Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Islamo-Nazi Bizarrolity: ‘I am gone and I can’t come back’

Former German rapper Denis Cuspert alias Deso Dogg
An FBI agent with the highest security clearance travelled to Syria to marry an ISIL fighter she had been assigned to investigate, it emerged Monday.

Daniela Greene, who worked as a translator for the agency, had used social media to spy on Denis Cuspert, a German jihadist and former rapper who went by the name Deso Dogg.

Cuspert was a prolific online recruiter for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who gained a reputation as one of its most brutal foreign fighters. He featured in ISIL videos threatening the then U.S. president Barack Obama and holding a freshly severed head.

But in a twist that mirrors the plot of the television series Homeland, in which a CIA operative played by Claire Danes falls in love with a soldier-turned-jihadist played by Damian Lewis, the two became close and Cuspert convinced Greene to join him in Syria.  (more...)

A little context to help things make sense:

The X-Files doesn`t get weirder than this.

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