Friday, May 12, 2017

By resigning, disgraced senator Don Meredith gets a regular pension, rather than a much lower lump sum

Trickle-down economics in action
The Liberal government is blaming its Conservative predecessor for the fact Don Meredith will be able to collect an annual pension now that the disgraced Ontario senator has formally resigned his seat in the upper chamber.

Meredith’s resignation became official Wednesday afternoon after it arrived at Rideau Hall, putting an end to his time in the Senate.

That decision provided Meredith a financial benefit, ensuring he would receive a regular annual pension payment rather than a one-time — and significantly lower — lump-sum payout.

A senator or MP who is expelled is only entitled to collect the contributions they made to the pension plan.

Treasury Board President Scott Brison, whose department oversees parliamentary pensions, said there is nothing in the law that would allow his department to deny benefits from a senator or member of Parliament who resigns.  (more...)


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