Monday, May 1, 2017

Extortion? Blackmail? Treachery Among the Knights of Malta

An explosive exposé is revealing an intricate web of deceit and treachery within the ranks of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, including collusion from the German bishops as well as shady financial dealings. Members of the order, long roiled by the disturbing happenings over the past several months, are now going public with the truth.

Church Militant obtained a document circulated internally among the Knights of Malta showing that the disgraced Grand Chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager, actively colluded with high-ranking Vatican prelates to bring about the ouster of Grand Master Fra' Matthew Festing — his superior to whom von Boeselager owed obedience. Even more, the document reveals financial corruption and a power struggle between the faithless faction, largely led by dissident Germans, and the more orthodox members, who favor and support Festing.

In January, Festing stepped down as Grand Master after Pope Francis requested it — an unprecedented act, as the position of Grand Master is one of life tenure. Although no reasons were given for the pope's request, many understood it to be linked to Festing's actions in December, when he suspended von Boeselager for involvement in a condom distribution scandal involving Malteser International, the Order's charitable arm von Boeselager oversaw.

The internal document notes: "In addition, unexplained financial dealings involving Boeselager and a number of his associates caused considerable disquiet to the Grand Master."

The document also adds another significant detail: "Boeselager went straight to see the all-powerful Cardinal Marx to plot and plan his re-instatement and his revenge against Fra' Matthew Festing, the Grand Master."

"Boeselager seemed determined to have his own coup d'etat against his own Prince and Grand Master," it continued, "and somehow contrived to get the Vatican to support this rebellion."  (more...)

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