Thursday, May 18, 2017

Louie Has the Number of the Neo-Khans; It Is the Number of the Beast

In a recent article for First Things, George Weigel provided excellent insights into the neo-conservative Catholic mind as he bemoaned the allegedly soon-to-occur regularization of the Society of St. Pius X; claiming that doing so “would immeasurably damage the New Evangelization.”

From his lips to God’s ears!

At this, let’s review some of the highlights of Professor Weigel’s masterclass on neo-conservatism.

Lesson #1: Neo-conservatism leads to a darkened intellect

George Weigel looks at the half-a-century old “New Evangelization” – with its empty seminaries, bankrupt dioceses, and pastorless parishes – and insists that the good times must be allowed to roll on!

How is it that an otherwise intelligent man cannot see that this little experiment known as the “New Evangelization” has been a massive failure on every conceivable front?

The answer is simple; his view is informed almost exclusively, not by a sensus Catholicus, but rather by a sensus concilius, and make no mistake, they are as different as night and day – the former being founded in truth; the latter on a series of cleverly disguised lies published on official Vatican II letterhead.

The result of having accepted the conciliar deception is a darkened intellect that is no longer capable of recognizing things as they are; to the point where that which is poisonous appears good for food. (Sound familiar?)  (more...)

Further exposure:

The simulacra are the deadliest manifestations of the Antichrist. To these, many will fall.

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