Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Toronto Catholic School Board will teach the radical sex curriculum

The Toronto Catholic Board will teach the radical sex curriculum. The much-anticipated changes to meet the “Catholic lens” criteria has turned out to be mere window dressing. The Ottawa Catholic Board was first off the mark to endorse the sex curriculum parent resource guides prepared by the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE). We reviewed the material on this blog and predicted that once one school board accepted the guides the other boards would fall like a house of cards. The Toronto Catholic Board has done its part. The Catholic boards, if one recalls, did the same thing with the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy issued in 2009. Trustees and board personnel tried to mask contradictions to Catholic doctrine by using positive sounding words such as inclusive, tolerance, diversity and equity education. However, the policy which later became law with Bill 13 has now brought us the controversial sex curriculum. Much of its contents are completely at odds with the Catholic teaching about the person, human sexuality, marriage and the family.  (more...)

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