Saturday, September 26, 2015

OCSHE sides with government propaganda to promote the radical sex curriculum

Don't be fooled by The Ontario Coalition Supporting Health Education's (OCSHE) recent open letter and ad campaign to sell Ontario Wynne's radical sex curriculum. Many of the groups in the coalition have direct connection to and are funded by the government. So don't expect that they are going to come out against the curriculum. They have an interest in making sure the curriculum is approved. The open letter is an extension of the wasted tax money the government is spending on their own ads to convince parents of what they don't want for their children.

The open letter is a sure sign that the parental protests across the province, and in particular those at Thornclife Park Public in Wynne's own riding, are having an effect. The position taken by OCSHE is a to counter the ongoing parental opposition to the radical sex curriculum. It's more PR to back the government. Instead, the letter shows why parents need to continue to protest and stand up for parental rights in order to protect their children. The governmet will not. The health agencies and school boards cannot be counted on either.  (more...)

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