Sunday, September 13, 2015

PIE Member No. 2

PIE created a network spanning the UK and beyond. With four inquiries into non-recent child abuse now established in England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, and Scotland, will PIE's proficient cross-border exchange of information be matched by inquiries' investigations into the network?

Amidst the political uncertainty of 1974, the three day week, two General Elections, a hung parliament, failed Lib-Con coalition talks and a second time around slim majority for Labour’s Harold Wilson, the public campaigning face of paedophile liberation was born. Four decades later and the manifold tentacles of the lobbying network still remain, for the most part, unexplored.

On the day Harold Wilson entered No 10, the Albany Trust received good news from the Home Office's Voluntary Services Unit. The Trust's application for government funding hadn't suffered due to the flux of power - far from it.  (more...)

King Henry would blush

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