Thursday, September 24, 2015

‘Champions for survivors’ of sexual abuse get national recognition

Bob Martin, right, and Dale Sutherland are being honoured for their efforts to
combat sexual victimization of children.
PORT HOOD — Two survivors of sexual abuse whose bold challenge to the Nova Scotia government resulted in changed legislation will be honoured next month for their advocacy work.

Bob Martin and Dale Sutherland will receive the Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy during a Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada symposium on Nov. 16.

The award recognizes Canadians who have made significant contributions toward combating the sexual victimization of children and youth. Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada is an advocacy organization advancing the rights of children to be free from sexual abuse and exploitation, according to its website.

After publicly identifying themselves as young victims of convicted pedophile Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh last fall, Martin and Sutherland — along with three other men — appeared in an ad calling for changes to legislation that limited when victims of sexual abuse could sue perpetrators.   (more...)

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