Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Catholic blogger's idea to solve the sex curriculum crisis in Ontario

This morning just after we finished praying we had an idea on how to try to solve the sex "education" crisis in Ontario. Catholics have the legal and moral responsibility to do something about a radical curriculum that contradicts the faith. The curriculum is anti-Christian. This posting is merely one Catholic bloggers suggestion as to how to start fixing the problem. More about this later.

First a little background. This week we visited Thorncliffe Park Public School were hundreds of children are being kept at home because parents don't want them to be taught an explicit sex curriculum that is age inappropriate. We talked to parents who are trying their best to teach the children. It's all very difficult for the parents. But the government has given parents who disagree with the sex curriculum no other option. No government has the right to force parents to pull their children away from school because they don't support some aspect of the curriculum. The government should listen to the parents and let them teach sex education at home. Just let the school teach the health and physical education components of the curriculum. It's that simple.  (more...)

...inform Catholics that the spiritual strategy will be supported by legal action. Ask Catholics to make a sacrifice for the faith and contribute, in whatever way they can, to a Catholic Legal Defense Fund. The money will be used to launch a class action law suit to fully defend denominational rights in the province.

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