Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Obscenity Exemptions" for Educators Violate Children's Civil Rights

The fact record of those advancing a sexually explicit sex-ed curriculum makes clear that almost any treatment of sexuality is acceptable, a position this article and the Constitution rejects. As will be discussed below, such efforts have included an attack on minority rights and an effort to undermine traditional values among blacks. This article focuses on harms that are visited on children of every race, creed, and religious tradition, not because of the topic that could be discussed in an age appropriate and careful way but because a child or young person who views sexually explicit images suffers real harm. Moreover, for those minors raised in homes where traditional values are taught which includes the vast majority of households in the United States--being trained to see and accept sexual text/imagery that their upbringing rejects undermines parental rights and creates conflicts between parents and their children. Such a destructive pedagogy arguably violates long-recognized Constitutional protections.

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