Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sex ed drives Muslims to put kids in private school in Kitchener

Rania Lawendy, right, principal of the MAC Maple Grove School, talks with
students and parents after school in Kitchener
WATERLOO REGION — A private Islamic school estimates it has gained up to 35 students who left public schools to escape sex education classes.

"There's quite a few parents who are very upset about the sex ed curriculum," said Rania Lawendy, principal of MAC Maple Grove School on Courtland Avenue in Kitchener.

She said her elementary school ran out of space to take 30 more students whose families oppose the controversial classes.

Fahad Islam pulled two of his children from Empire Public School in Waterloo to put them in MAC Maple Grove. "We don't want our children to be told age-inappropriate things," he said. "It's not in our comfort zone."  (more...)

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