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Funds and Games

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Highlighting the postwar use of Axis treasure recovered by the Allies after World War II, this program talks about these Funds and the Games that were played with (and because of) them. Particular emphasis is on the postwar use of the massive amount of Japanese Treasure looted by the Japanese during Operation Golden Lily. In addition to being used to resurrect the very militarists, fascists and oligarchs that had prosecuted Japan’s war of aggression, the monies were combined with treasure recovered from the Nazis to create an enormous slush fund called the Black Eagle trust. This huge repository of clandestine wealth was used to stabilize the postwar financial system, finance covert operations, and purchase influence among America’s Cold War allies. Conceived of, and realized, by some of the most powerful American political and financial power brokers, the Black Eagle trust ultimately became a source of enormous corruption, as it became a “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, luring many individuals and institutions into temptation and, sometimes, death. After discussing many of the other clandestine funds growing out of Japan’s looting of Asia, the program discusses the chilling death threats and intimidation that the Seagraves (Sterling and Peggy) received because of their authorship of the book upon which the program is based — Gold Warriors.


The deci­sion to form this vast action fund of Axis trea­sure looted dur­ing World War (called the Black Eagle trust) had its gen­e­sis with the Bret­ton Woods con­fer­ence of 1944 and involved some of the key power bro­kers in the Amer­i­can power elite. “It was not Truman’s deci­sion alone. The idea for a global polit­i­cal action fund based on war loot actu­ally orig­i­nated dur­ing the Roo­sevelt admin­is­tra­tion, with Sec­re­tary of War Henry L. Stim­son. Dur­ing the war, Stim­son had a brain­trust think­ing hard about Axis plun­der and how it should be han­dled when peace came. As the tide turned against the Axis, it was only a mat­ter of time before trea­sure began to be recov­ered. Much of this war prize was in the form of gold looted by the Nazis from con­quered coun­tries and civil­ian vic­tims. To elim­i­nate any trace of orig­i­nal own­er­ship, the Nazis had melted it down, and recast it as ingots hall­marked with the swastika and black eagle of the Reichs­bank. There were other rea­sons why the gold was dif­fi­cult to trace. Many of the orig­i­nal own­ers had died, and pre-war gov­ern­ments had ceased to exist. East­ern Europe was falling under the con­trol of the Soviet Union, so return­ing gold looted there was out of the ques­tion.  (more...)

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