Monday, September 28, 2015

Secularism at the Ukrainian Catholic University, and Its Dark Roots

A fellow I know well in L’viv, who works with western European sponsors of projects aimed at improving local legal and civic management, shared with me the pressures felt by local governments to incorporate, for example, western European “gender policies” into their project proposals. At our Fulbright meeting in Kyiv, my fifteen year old daughter was exposed to an American scholar who giddily announced her “wife” would soon be visiting—something no doubt this woman believes is quite important for Ukrainians to be concerned about in the current situation.

Later in the discussion, another American woman shared an incident during which gypsies on a train had allegedly hypnotized their small group and stolen their luggage, and said—in all seriousness—that she is now learning various superstitious means by which to “protect” herself in the future. When it was my turn, I mentioned that the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) was struggling with its Catholic identity in the face of dangers posed by dignity-degrading anti-life issues (pornography, euthanasia, abortion, and homosexual “marriage,” etc.). The look of hatred in the eyes of these women would have chilled even Putin’s cold heart  (more...)

Why it should be no surprise:

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