Friday, September 25, 2015

Ontarians now know the Liberal Party meaning of "tolerance"

Ontario's Liberal government has given the green light to the end of real tolerance, inclusivity and diversity in this province. The dangerous and make believe world view of gender indoctrination will be forced on Ontario's school children. Parents cannot withdraw their children from classes when it comes to gender identity and expression. The new radical and controversial sex "education" curriculum is to be taught to all children both in public and Catholic schools. Children will be forced to learn the gender theory. There will be no exceptions. Parental rights will not be respected. This is the real meaning of the Wynne government's idea of "tolerance."

If Ontarians still believe in multiculturalism, democracy and representative government, they have been asleep for far too long. Immigrants have looked to Canada as a land of opportunity, fair play, openness and the acceptance of different world views. The end of this thinking is being pushed away by the whirlwind of political correctness. Nobody and no value system will be spared including Christian belief that has formed a large part of Canadian history. Since the release of the age inappropriate sex curriculum in February, Premier Wynne and Minister Sandals kept telling parents that they could remove their children from topics that they didn't support. They're know saying through the school boards the very opposite. They reassured parents that parental rights would be respected. It turns out they lied. "Tolerance" has been unmasked in Wynne's Ontario.  (more...)

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