Thursday, July 16, 2015

‘The tipping point’: Why Ontario’s graphic sex-ed curriculum provoked mass protests

Dr. Scott Masson is a professor of English at Tyndale College. He’s a trustee for the Greater-Toronto-Area based Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity. He’s also an avid watcher of politics - and he’s watching the loud protests against Premier Kathleen Wynne’s sex education curriculum sweeping the province with great interest. The protests, he thinks, could actually do real damage to both Kathleen Wynne’s government - and the public education system itself.

I was surprised that such a groundswell of activism had been triggered by this new sex education curriculum, considering that such curriculums have been implemented across the country, and in Ontario itself, to little fanfare for decades.

It turns out that Dr. Masson was surprised as well. However, he told me by phone that he believes that for parents, many things contained in the newest curriculum may simply be a bridge too far.  (more...)

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